Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...

About us

We are a mixed family:

  • Séverine, a Swiss woman (45 years old, French/francophone and English speaking)
  • Daya, a Sri Lankan man Daya (53 years old, Sinhala and English speaking)
  • Chamika, a boy (13 years old, French, Sinhala and English speaking)
  • Hassalie, a girl (10 years old, French, Sinhala and English speaking)

Séverine and Daya met each other at Tangalle in 2003. Séverine moved to Sri Lanka in 2006. They got married in 2007.

Patini is a family friendly or child friendly guest house. We provide many facilities for the children (extra mattress/bed, toys,,...). We have two children 10 and 13 years old. They rarely stay at Patini. During the school holiday (July-August, Christmas, February-middle March, Easter (April)), we can have few (2 to 10) children at Patini. Outside of the school holiday, very rarely children stay at Patini.

A dog has chosen our neighbour's land and our land. We haven't been able to chase her away. She is nice and doesn't care of the people around. She accepts every one. But, if you come with a dog, please inform us. She will be nice with your dog if we are at Patini to welcome you and your dog and to introduce the dogs to each other.

Patini Bungalows – Beach Garden is the new name after rebuilding Daya's "Happy Bungalows" (6 wooden bungalows and restaurant) which was destroyed by a flood in 2003. Fortunately, Daya had rebuilt only the garden before the tsunami happened in 2004. We would like to warmly thank all the people who helped us to rebuild...

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