Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...


We thank you for your interest!

We are OPEN anytime troughout the year, with some rare exceptions! We will be happy to welcome you! 

To reserve a bungalow at Patini, you need to contact us by the way you prefer (+94775402679, WhatsApp, Viber, Signal, Telegram, sms, call, emailMessenger, Facebook, Instagram,  Google,...). All the details are in the contact page. We don't use any booking engine (as, Agoda or others) because they charge about 20% commission and don't allow to pre-reserve.

If you will come with a pet, please inform us to be sure we are at Patini to welcome you and your pet and to introduce it to the dog who stays at our place (she is the neighbourg's dog). This dog is old and friendly and usually doesn't care of others.

You can also contact us if you need any information about Patini, Tangalle and Sri lanka's economic situation, we are here to help you honestly. Our website is rich in many information or advices about several subjects about Patini (facilities, gallery), Patini's surroundings and Tangalle (activities, health, shopping, restaurants and many more). You will find the detailed rates below.

Covid and Sri lanka's economic crisis are not any more a problem for travelers. All the restrictions have been lifted in December 2022 to travel into and within Sri Lanka. Food and gasoline are available. It is very easy to come and visit. Further information can be found on our "Crisis Management" page. You can also contact us


The availability is completely open... If some dates get fully booked, we will write them here.

You can come at any time and for how long you would like, one night or months!


From March to June 2022, the rupee was depreciating very quickly. Because of this depreciation, the good's prices were increasing rapidly. To protect ourselves from another sudden depreciation, we have decided to fix our rates in American dollars (USD or $). You will be able to pay in Sri Lankan Rupee (LKR) or in any strong currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP). We use the exchange rate of the table "Currency Rates" of   

Our rates' range is from 20$ (back bungalows during low season) to 50$ (sea view bungalows during high season). Currently, we are not able to say if we are in low or high season. We should be in high season but few tourists are around. The easiest way is to contact us and we can see what is our expected rate and your budget. In any cases, our rates will be the same for everyone who come at the same period. They will be fixed for everyone for a period of time. If you have booked at a high rate and we reduce our rate, you would get the discounted rate if any.

Our rates are per night for two people. They include all taxes, hot water for the shower, unlimited drinkable water, tea, coffee, wifi, books, magazines, toys, games (outdoor and indoor) and our advices/support (in English et en français). Extra mattresses for children are available for 3$ per child and per night. If the stay is a single night, 3$ extra are charged. Discounts are offered for long stay (5% discount if the bungalow is cleaned after 5 nights; 15th and 30th nights free). 

Extra requirements

3$ per night per child with extra mattress (foam mattress on the floor with mosquito net), the third child is free (no extra mattress available). It's comfortable for children, but less for adults.

The kitchen is available from 6pm to 8pm during high season (December to April, July and August) and all day long during low season (May and June, September to November). Because the gaz bottle's price is high, we will charge 1$ per night if you cook. Boiling water for a tea or coffee is free and available all day all along the year.

4G Wifi router (Dialog) is available near our gate. Internet is not unlimited in Sri Lanka. We have to buy package of GB. The speed could be slow if many guests are connected. We encourage you to buy a Sri lankan SIM card (Dialog or Mobitel) for call, sms and internet (more than 90% coverage). This card is sold in the Dialog or Mobitel outlets and also in the phones shops. Your passport is required. Then, your phone can be used as a router/wifi provider (hotspot) for your laptop. The Dialog and Mobitel signals are strong at Patini.

Single night supplement

3$ extra for one night stay in one bungalow because of the full cleaning. This supplement is applicable to any rates. We don't take booking for a single night. You can contact us the day before you would like to come.


We give a cleaning discount of 5% on the bungalow's rate if the bungalow is cleaned after 5 nights.

We give a loyalty card. The 15th nights is free at the average rate of the 15 nights. The card can be filled over many years... You can stay more than 15 nights at once or two or three nights every two-three years... If you stay one month (30 nights), we give two nights free...


We accept payment only in cash. You can pay in Sri Lankan rupees, Swiss francs, Euros, Pounds or US dollars. We will check the exchange rate at Sampath Bank the day of your payment. Sri Lanka suffers a lot of a lack of foreign currencies. It would be better for Sri Lanka if you change your foreign currencies in the bank and not in the shops. If you like to know which bank to choose to exchange your currency, here are the websites where you can find the exchange rate of the day: Sampath Bank, Commercial Bank, People's Bank, BOC (Bank of Ceylon). The rate is shown in "Currency Buying Rate". In Tangalle, the rate may be 1rs lower than the one shows on internet because they have to transport the currency from Tangalle to Colombo.