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General information

  •, an official state tourism board with information about holidays, investments, studies, meetings, tourist attractions, a calendar of events, hotels and accommodation available, and a discussion forum for questions about travelling to Sri Lanka.
  • World Factbook of CIA has many accurate general information about geography, people and society, government, economy, communications, transportation, military, transnational issues.
  • A government website gives you some information about the Southern Province.


How to come to Sri Lanka

If you need any information about the process to come to Sri Lanka, please contact us. Many information are available in A Facebook group was created to help people to come to visit Sri Lanka. It has many very useful information, help,... This group is Hello Again Sri Lanka Tourism 2021.


Travelers' forums about Sri Lanka

  • Trip Advisor: forum and general information. Trip Advisor gives rates and reviews for the places of interest and the accommodations.
  • Lonely Planet: forum and general information. The forum of Lonely Planet is a great place to exchange information/advice with other travelers in Sri Lanka.
  • Tongs et Sri Lanka (in French/en français) est un blog de voyage sur le Sri Lanka. Il donne énormément d'information pour organiser son voyage. Son groupe Facebook "Voyager au Sri Lanka" est une plateforme très réactive et très utile pour échanger avec d'autres voyageurs du Sri Lanka.
  • Voyage Forum (in French/en français):
  • Guide du Routard (in French/en français): forum and general information



  • Train timetables in Sri Lanka are at The seat reservation in public trains is not easy and we don't know the details, please check the official website or travelling forums. Private companies (Rajadhani and Exporail) attach private wagons to public trains. Seats in these wagons can be booked but at a much higher price that in the public wagons.
  • Seaplanes are now available to travel through Sri Lanka with many internal airports. Sri Lankan Airlines and Cinnamon Air are codesharing those routes. Other companies also have internal flights: Fits Air, Fly Sri Sanka, Helitours.
  • The network of buses is very important and covers all the island, any villages. No online timetable available. You have to go to ask to the bus station or to your guesthouse. Ticket has to be taken and paid in the bus.
  • Hop On Lanka offers private bus travels.
  • Taxis (tuk tuks and van/car) are available everywhere. Ask your guesthouse.
  • Please read the FAQ page for more details.