Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...


Patini Bungalows is a family guesthouse with five bungalows with direct access to the beach and ocean. Patini stands in the sand and is situated in a peaceful location surrounded by beautiful nature with the ocean on one side and the mangrove lagoon on the other side. The five cottages have a large (16 to 23 m2), comfortable and clean room with attached bathroom (5 m2) with optional hot water for the shower and private veranda (7 to 10 m2). The rooms also come with table, chair, fan, mosquito net and storage space for clothes. At Patini, you will drift off to sleep to the sound of waves and wake up with a beautiful view of the beach garden. You will sleep very well on the high quality mattress, in a romantic atmosphere with the four-poster bed and a canopy mosquito net.

On the Google map you can see Patini Bungalows and surrounding neighbourhood with mangrove, lagoon and beach. The cottages are located at 6°02’18.5’’ N and 80°48’31.5’’ E.


Patini's map
MeadowParking (1 car)
Beach road (dead end)Entrance
Our day room (laundry)Kitchen, Library, Fridge
Bungalow C2Bungalow C1
Bungalow C3Bungalow C4
Bungalow C5 

The five bungalows stand on three rows. C1 and C2 are located on the third row, back side. They are on stilts so the veranda is higher than other bungalows. C3 and C4 stand on the second row. C5 stands on the first row, nearest of the beach. C3, C4 and C5 have a stones wall foundation. The pictures of each bungalow are in the gallery.

Sea view

All bungalows have sea view. But the sea view is partially hidden by young palm trees. Sea view from C1 and C3 are little. C3 has more sea view but C5 stands in front of it. C4 has more sea view, partially hidden only by young palm trees. C5 even more and is nearest of the beach. In our gallery, you can see pictures of the seaview from each bungalow. You can enjoy the seaview lying on our sunbeds or deckchairs which stand at the beach of Patini.

Each bungalow has two private hammocks and two private deck chairs under the palm trees in front of the bungalow.

Descriptive summary
BungalowLocationSeaviewSize (detailled in the table below)BedExtra foam mattress on the floor, comfortable for children but not really for adults, with mosquito net
C1back sidelittle through palm trees and other bungalowsbig (37m2)2 single beds (2x90x210cm) joined for coupleplace for one single (90x180cm) OR one double (150x180cm); one baby cot can be added with each extra mattress
C2back sidelittle through palm trees and other bungalowsbig (37m2)1 double bed (165x210cm)place for one single (90x180cm) OR one double (150x180cm); one baby cot can be added with each extra mattress
C3middle, behind C5little through palm trees and behind bungalow C5small (27m2)1small double bed (150x195cm)place for only one baby cot
C4middlenice through palm trees onlymedium (31m2)1 double bed (165x210cm)place for one single (90x180cm) OR one baby cot
C5frontnice through palm trees onlymedium (31m2)1 double bed (165x210cm)place for one single (90x180cm) OR one baby cot


Bungalows' size's details

C1 / C237m223m24m210m2
C4 / C531m218m25m28m2

C1 and C2 bungalows are big bungalows (37m2). C3 is the smallest bungalow (27m2). Our guests still like its size even for long stay. C4 and C5 bungalows are good size (31m2).

Beds / Extra mattress / Number of people in one bungalow

The five bungalows are planned for 2 people. We can also accommodate families of three, four or five members. One bungalow (C1) has two single beds we can join to make one double bed for couple. The four other bungalows have a double bed. Two bungalows (C1 and C2) are enough big to add (on request) double size extra mattress on the floor. In C4 and C5, we can add only a single mattress on the floor for one child but the bungalow becomes small. In C3, we can add only baby cot or the small child mattress (under 5 years old). Extra bed/mattresses are installed with a mosquito net. These mattresses are comfortable only for children. Some adults could have back pain to lay on foam mattress on the floor. The beds sizes are explained in the table above and in the page facilities.


Patini is a family friendly or child friendly guesthouse. We provide many facilities for the children (extra mattress, toys,...). We have two children and we have kept all their toys (boy and girl) for your children. During the school holiday (July-August, Christmas, February-middle March, Easter (April)), we can have few children at Patini. Outside of the school holiday, very rarely children stay at Patini.

Food / Drinks

We don't provide any meal. Cold drinks (no alcohol) and ice cream are available in self service during high season. You can store your drinks, beers and others food in our commun fridge. A restaurant is available next door (40 m from your cottage) and many others nearby. 

For more details (AC, hot water, wifi, bed sizes), please check facilities.

We don't provide driver room or driver meal. Your driver can find a room in other guesthouses within one kilometer from Patini.

More information about facilities, ratesavailability, activities, ocean and weather conditions.

If you like to see pictures, visit our gallery (bungalows, garden, beach, Patini by night) or our facebook page (more current pictures on facebook) or TripAdvisor or Google Maps.

You can read what our guests told about Patini at review's page.

If you like to book, please visit our reservation page.