Patini Bungalows

Your home at the beach of paradise...


Patini Bungalows is a family guesthouse. Most of your requests could be satisfied if you let us the time...

AC / air conditioning

The bungalows don't have AC (air conditioning) because they are very well ventilated by the sea breeze and they are built with materials that keep the cool inside and the warmth outside. Each bungalow has a stand fan that you can move around where you need the breeze.

Hot water

In each bungalow, hot water for the shower only has been installed. Hot water is optional, we can switch it on or off on request for the whole stay. Hot water is not really necessary because the cold water temperature is about 30 degrees when the sun is shining. You can try a first shower without hot water. If you need hot water, we can switch it on for 1$ per person and per night.

Beds / Extra mattresses / Baby cot

The five bungalows are planned for 2 people but we can also accommodate families of three, four or five members. One bungalow (C1) has two single beds we can join to make one double bed for couple. The four other bungalows have a double bed. C1's single beds are 90 x 210 cm (3 x 7 feet), so when they are joined the bed is 180 x 210 cm (6 x 7 feet). C2, C4 and C5 beds are 165 x 210 cm (5.5 x 7 feet). C3's bed is 150 x 195 cm (5 x 6.5 feet). Two bungalows (C1 and C2) are enough big to add (on request) single or double extra mattress on the floor. In C4 and C5, we can add only a single mattress for one child but the bungalow becomes small. In C3, we can add a baby cot or a small child mattress (under 5 years old). The extra mattress is 70 cm x 180 cm for children under 5 years old (only one mattress is available). The extra mattresses available are all foam mattress on the floor. The available size are 90 x 180cm for single child, or 150 x 180 cm for two big children or three small children. All these extra mattresses are installed with a mosquito net. These mattresses are comfortable only for children. Some adults could have back pain to lay on foam mattress on the floor. Families can also book two bungalows next to each other. One baby cot with mosquito net is available for a child until 2 years old.


Some items for babies and children are available, please request the items you need in advance to be able to clean them.

Patini is a family friendly or child friendly guesthouse. We provide many facilities for the children (extra mattress, toys,...). We have two children and we have kept their toys (boy and girl). During the school holiday (July-August, Christmas, February-middle March, Easter (April)), we can have few children at Patini. Outside of the school holiday, very rarely children stay at Patini.


Two private hammocks and two deck chairs are available under the palm trees in front of each bungalow.

The beach has many deck chairs and beach beds to chill. Beach mattresses are available in each bungalow for a comfortable and relaxing beach time. Books, magazines and games are in our library to pass the time.

Food / Drinks

We don't provide any meal. Cold drinks (no alcohol) and ice creams are available in self service during high season. You can store your drinks, beers and others food in our commun fridge. A restaurant is available next door (40 m from your cottage) and many others nearby. 


Wifi is available on our veranda on all day and night. The router is shared with other guests. Be aware that unlimited package is not usual in Sri Lanka. We encourage you to buy a Sri lankan SIM card (Dialog or Mobitel) for call, sms and internet (more than 90% coverage). This card is sold in the Dialog or Mobitel outlets and also in the phones shops. Your passport is required. Then, your phone can be used as a router/wifi provider (hotspot) for your laptop. 

All the following services are available

  • Taxi (A/C car and van) and tuk tuk services
  • Internet facilities include WiFi
  • National and international call
  • Laundry and ironing
  • Library with French, English, German and other languages books and magazines (free)
  • Indoor games, board games, cards (free)
  • Outdoor games for children (bat, sand toys, balls,...) (free)
  • Babies and children items (free)
  • Extra mattresses with mosquito net for children
  • body boards (free)
  • cold drinks (no alcohol) in self-service
  • Massage at the next door guesthouse

Taxi service

  • Daya can drive you with his comfortable AC car (Kia Sorento) where ever you like.
  • Our nephew Wasentha has a van (maximum 7 people) to drive you where ever you like and for tour.
  • We can call a tuk tuk or give you some tuk tuk drivers' numbers.