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Crises Management

Currently (October 2023), there is no crisis in Sri Lanka. The situation is normal except the lack of tourists. You will enjoy fully your holiday.

Sri Lanka has faced several crises for few years (a bombing in 2019, Covid19 in 2020 and 2021, economic crisis in 2022). Each crisis has taught us how the government answers the crisis and how to manage the tourists especially our guests. We are available at anytime to answer honestly your questions and help you.

Patini remains OPEN during crises, lockdowns and curfews.

This page gives you information regarding the modifications at Patini and the situation during lockdown and curfew.

The situation is much better now (October 2023). Regarding the economic crisis, Sri Lanka is almost back to normal. Fuel and gas are available. No more queue. The prices for locals remains very high (3-4 times higher than before Covid19). It doesn't much affect visitors because the exchange rates are very high also. A few products are still barely imported. Therefore, they could not be found. Regarding Covid19, no test is needed for any travelers. Mask is not mandatory. Only a few people wear the mask in town.

During the hardest time of a crisis, the online newspapers give many information. We read Adadera, Hiru News and Daily Mirror because they have good apps to download and their information are more freely given. The government publishes its information in its Facebook page and its website. Its Facebook group is more active. Google Translator and Facebook translator (a setting to activiate) are very useful to translate Sinhala to English. N'essayez pas de le traduire directement en français. The Facebook group Hello Again answers all the travelers' questions about tourism in Sri Lanka. We are also here to answer honestly your questions or your doubts... Feel free to contact us...


Modifications at Patini due to crisises


Patini is open and is ready to welcome you. Patini remains open during crisis, lockdown, curfew. You only need to contact us to be sure we will be at Patini to welcome you.

You can stay as long as you like, one night or months...


As usual, we are always caring of our guests, giving information, speaking, helping... even more during crisis. We will be available at Patini or by phone/WhatsApp for whatever you need whenever you need... If you don't need to speak and want to be alone, we stay away...


Wearing a mask is not any more mandatory in Sri Lanka, inside and outside. Only a few people wear a mask in town.


Because of the rupee's depreciation and the good's prices continuous increase, we had to fix our rates in US dollars ($). You will be able to pay in rupee (LKR) or in strong foreign currencies (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP). We will use our bank exchange rates (the table "Currency rates"). All the details about the rates are in the page Reservation.


Because of the lack of guests, we keep only one worker instead of two. She doesn't have time to give the afternoon tea. It will be back when we will back to normal.

The soft drinks, ice creams and biscuits are the fridge or cupboard during high season (December to April, July and August). The shared fridge is always available to store your drinks, food or anything else you would like.

The big water bottle (19l) is always available to refill your water bottles free of charge.

The restaurants around Patini are open! In town, the local restaurants work as usual. Because of lockdowns, some restaurants started a delivery service. They can deliver lunch and dinner to Patini. We can give you a list of restaurants.

Our kitchen is available from 6pm to 8pm during high season (December to April, July and August) or all day long during low season (May and June, September to November). Boiling water for a tea or coffee is free and available all day all along the year.


4G Wifi router ((Dialog) is available near our gate. Internet is not unlimited in Sri Lanka. We have to buy package of GB. The speed could be slow if many guests are connected. During rare power cuts, the wifi doesn't work. We encourage you to buy a Sri lankan SIM card (Dialog or Mobitel) for call, sms and internet (more than 90% coverage). This card is sold in the Dialog or Mobitel outlets and also in the phones shops. Your passport is required. Then, your phone can be used as a router/wifi provider (hotspot) for your laptop. The Dialog and Mobitel signals are strong at Patini.


Many activities are available around Patini and along the South Coast. Since the economic crisis, these activities' prices are changing regularly. Therefore, we are not able to keep up to date all the information in these pages (last update was in 2019). Please, inform us of your interest and we will check and inform you back. Tourists are exempted to follow the local rules during curfews, lockdowns and interprovinces travel restrictions. The main tourists sites remain open during curfews and lockdowns. During those times, you will be allowed to visit the sites in this list. About the other sites, we will have to check.


Situation during lockdown / curfew

In case of lockdown and curfew, Patini remains open. We are still coming to Patini and caring about you, even more than usual. We will offer our help in anything you would need. We are always available at Patini or by phone (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal +94775402679). We take the time (reading newspaper and official Facebook groups) to be informed and updated and to inform you. Don't hesitate to ask any questions to lift your doubts or solve your problems.

If you are blocked somewhere or need any help, please, contact us (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal +94775402679).

The shops and restaurants in town are closed during lockdown/curfew. The shops and tourists restaurants remain open in Medaketiya (the neighbourhood between Patini and the town) and Madilla.  

You will still be able to enjoy the endless beach (walk and bath). Tourists are allowed to travel and visit some sites during lockdown/curfew. The list is here. If you are interested in the other sites listed in the activities, we will call them and confirm their opening and prices. We can arrange your trip.