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Ocean and weather conditions

About the season (dry and monsoon), the island is divided by two parts, the South-West included the mountains and the East. These two parts get opposite season. The dry season is in December to March for the South-West and May to September for the East. During the dry season, the weather should be nice and the ocean should be quiet. The wettest time of monsoon season is in May and June for the South-West and November to January in the East. During these wettest time, the humidity is high, few heavy showers per day and the ocean is very rough. The other months, the weather is changing, some rains happen on some days, the ocean is wavy...

Below are the information about the weather and ocean conditions at and around Patini.


Dry season

The dry season is from December to March in the South and West coasts of Sri Lanka. At this time, the weather should be nice, sunny and dry. Since 2010, the climate has changed also in Sri Lanka. Before 2010, we were able to promise to have only sun. Since 2010, we are not able any more to promise that. A shower rain is possible on some days. This rain lasts about one hour. Then the sun comes back quickly. Some days can be more or less cloudy. We should see the sun every day. The temperature is always hot (30°C to 35°C by day and 22°C to 27°C by night).

Wet season or monsoon

The monsoon starts usually in May for the South and West coasts of Sri Lanka. Tangalle has a micro-climate more dry than the rest part of the South coast. May and June are the wettest months of the monsoon. It means it rains two or three times a day. The rain is a shower of about 1 hour. The day is mostly cloudy but we should see the sun every day. So it is not too bad. During May and June 2014, it was mostly sunny, rains come only on 7 days. From July to November, it rains two or three times per week, usually end of afternoon. The rest of the time it is sunny. August is usually a month without rain. The weather is changing very quickly. The humidity is high and the temperature is 33°C to 35°C by day and 30°C by night.

Because of the climate change, we can't know which weather we will have, sunny during the monsoon or rainy during the dry season...


The beach at Medaketiya and beginning of Madilla is only sandy. This beach starts at about 400m from Patini West side. The beach from middle of Madilla to end of Marakoliya is rocky. The beach at Patini is rocky with a 20m wide area without rock where you can bath.

Since 2010, the climate has changed also in Sri Lanka. Before 2010, the ocean was so calm, completely flat, no wave at all, during the winter or dry season (December to March), that we were able to snorkel around the rocks in front of Patini. Since 2010, the dry season is much more wet (some rains on some days) and the ocean is more wavy. So snorkeling is not any more possible. During dry season (December to March), you should be able to swim, but we can't promise. Bath is always possible during the dry season if you are not afraid of waves. You don’t need to be afraid if you keep your feet on the bottom of the ocean and water level at your lap. You can have good fun in the waves even for bad swimmer.

During monsoon (May to November), swim is not any more possible. Some days you will be able to bath, refresh in the ocean, some days not because the ocean can be too rough, the waves too much powerful and high. The ocean conditions can change from morning (usually more calm) to afternoon (usually more rough) and from one day to the other. Because of the climate change, the ocean can be rough during the dry season and calm during the monsoon...

You can bath in the following areas:

  • In front of Patini, left side: in the 20m wide area on the left of the big flat rock standing right in front of Patini.
  • In front of Patini, right side: the natural "bath" (a hole of about 1mx2m and 50cm deep, right in front of the west border of Patini) on the right of the big flat rock standing in front of Patini. This bath is also the baby pool tested by our children… The waves are less strong because they roll on the flat rock and loose power. This bath is regularly filled with sand by the sea. So it is not always available.
  • The natural pool protected from the high waves. It is located at 30 minutes by walk on the left side, east side, in front of Mangrove Garden Hotel. Be careful, in this pool, there is an underwater current which pulls you under the rocks.
  • At the sandy beach at about 400m on the right (west side), be careful about the power of the waves, the currents and the slope of the beach.
  • A jetty was built at about 500m from Patini west side. You can bath and maybe swim front of this jetty.
  • At the harbour beach or Navy beach, the water is very calm and maybe you can see one or two colour fishs and one or two small corails. During the week-end and holidays, there are a lot of locals, so the women should cover their body with short and tshirt to bath.

Some hotels have swimming pools you can use if you drink/eat there and/or with a fee:

  • Suwaya Villa, about 800m east side, the hotel at the end of the road,
  • Lagoon Paradise, about 1km east side, after Suwaya Villa,
  • Monstone Villa, about 3km west side,
  • Eva Lanka, about 5km west side,

Beach towels are available on request if you need.

Beach mattresses are available in your bungalow.

Leave your worries behind and relax on a sun bed in a peaceful environment.

Enjoy the beautiful sea shells (including the inhabited ones) on this endless stretch of tropical beach.

Walk along the wild beach or around the mangrove-lagoon. Run or walk at the magical times of dawn or dusk.

Refresh or clean the sand from your body under our beach shower on the west corner of Patini’s land.

To see some pictures of the beach at Patini, please visit the beach's gallery.