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Tangalle is located at the centre of the South Coast. This authentic fishing village is 1.5 hours car from Galle (West) and from Yala National Park (East). The mountains (Ella) and the primary rainforest (Sinharaja) are 3 hours away. Tangalle is a great base to visit natural and cultural sites. Some natural sites are National Parks, Birds sanctuaries, mangroves, Blow Hole, turtles lying eggs, botanical garden, paddy fields, marshlands, small bays and long beaches. The cultural sites are big and small temples, fishing harbour, market, Galle Fort. Daya (5 seats car), his nephew Wasentha (8 seats van) and his friends (tuk tuk and catamaran) will be happy to show you Tangalle's surroundings and further. If you like to visit the sites and areas by yourselves, you can rent a scooter or a bicycle in the guesthouses nearby Patini. If you like to relax, Patini offers a variety of pleasurable pas-times which includes from sports (bath, kayak, bicycle, surf, yoga) through to relaxation desires (games, books, meditation, sudoku).

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